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Understanding the Mold Removal Timeline and Process

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

Cleanup products and black mold. Hire a professional team to remove the mold in your Black Forest, CO building.

The last thing any business owner wants to deal with is business interruptions. Unfortunately, when it comes to mold removal, there are few options for companies. Thankfully, the removal process is often straightforward, and depending on the extent of damage, it can be completed in as little as three to seven days.

Mold Removal Process

The week-long timeline is uncomfortable for some owners, and they may not understand why it would take so long. What they must realize is that mold remediation in Black Forest, CO, is a process, and it includes several steps:

  • Identification of the mold species and locations
  • Prevention of further mold growth
  • Removal of affected materials
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the affected area
  • Restoration of the facility

Mold Removal Timeline Depends on Growth and Species

What type of mold is in your facility? If it is toxic black mold, the removal company will need to take extra precautions. These precautions have to do with safety and government regulations. The additional steps necessary to prevent the further spread of the mold will require more time and patience.

The good news is that toxic mold species are rare, and in most cases, you are only dealing with common mold growth. Common mold does not require as many precautions and can often be removed quicker, but the removal speed will depend on the severity of the growth.

If an organization fails to contact a remediation specialist at the first sign of growth — the odor — it will often deal with rampant spread. Mold spores can travel through HVAC systems to multiple rooms and floors.

Organizational Prevention Methods To Limit Mold Development

Mold develops because of three key elements: moisture, darkness, and humidity. Most commercial facilities will recognize several potential problem areas, such as the basement, attic, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

To prevent mold, a company must focus on preventing the three causes of mold. There are several ways a company can prevent growth from occurring, including:

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Using dehumidifiers
  • Having routine plumbing inspections

For mold to grow, humidity levels need to remain high. A commercial facility should make sure that humidity stays below 50% to avoid any significant problems.

Business Interruption Is Not a Guarantee

While mold remediation can take up to a week, that does not mean operations need to shut down. Depending on the extent of the infestation and the type of business, it is possible that a remediation company can seal off the affected area only, leaving the rest of the facility free to operate. However, do not assume operations can continue.

The extent of disruption will depend on the mold species and the level of growth. A remediation specialist is likely the only professional capable of telling you the extent of interruption and how long it will take to get back to regular business hours.

Mold removal is a necessary process that will take three to seven days, depending on the severity of growth. When you smell that musty odor in your building, contact a remediation company for testing immediately. Early identification is key to speedy removal and recovery.

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